11 Life Lessons

Here are some things to remind you life is good and you can live in harmony. It just takes practice and diligence. What are your life lessons?



Support the VFW

Shop Amazon, Support the VFW Foundation:

With the holidays quickly approaching, online shoppers have the opportunity to assist America’s veterans, service members, and their families by shopping at AmazonSmile and selecting the VFW Foundation as their charity of choice. Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of the total purchase price to the Foundation upon checkout. Items eligible for donations are indicated on the products’ pages. Donations to the VFW Foundation support many vital troop support programs, such as financial grants to help military families during emergencies, veterans’ scholarships, assistance with filing VA claims, and more. You can even select the VFW Foundation as your AmazonSmilecharity of choice after the holidays are over. Call the Foundation at (816) 968-2720 if you have any questions.


If you’re like me, you’re SOOOOO sick of news channels. Yes, all the big players are biased and have their own agenda – and this agenda is primarily to sow discord and get people angry, so we keep watching their news. At the same time, Facebook and YouTube are purging whatever news sources they don’t like (this happens on the right and left). There is an interesting thing that I am keeping an eye on called  ISEGORIA  (horrible name but great concept). They are going to create a block-chain based news network for independent news that will provide alternative sources of news. I recommend that you keep an eye on it too.

Speaking about bacteria

I want to talk more about your gut biome (the good bacteria in your gut). Scientists are finding more and more about how gut bacteria impacts your health. Here is an interesting  article  about how the traditional American diet causes decreased biodiversity in your gut bacteria, which is not good. But this  website  has a ton of information about how to strengthen your gut biome. Hint: fiber is good / sugar is bad. Fermented food is also good/fermented alcohol is bad. I’m going to try making some homemade sauerkraut  – I love sauerkraut! Have you made it before? Do you have any suggestions?

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Survival Distiller

I want to give you something to think about with your drinking water. If you have a reverse osmosis system and you’ve changed the membranes (filters), there is often a black or green slime on it, right? What is this? It’s bacteria. Or, to be more accurate, it’s a bacteria colony (not good). So, if your tap water is safe to drink, how do these bacteria contaminate your RO system, because tap water isn’t perfect? There can be times when a good dose of bacteria flows into your house. When it does, the bacteria gets trapped in your RO system and grows (your RO system does not kill the bacteria). It can grow out of control and can actually grow through your membrane and cause it to rupture. If this happens, numerous bacteria can get into your drinking water and can make you sick.

Watch video: https://socrateswater.com/2017/12/13/if-you-find-yourself-in-a-boil-alert/

Distiller recommended: https://socrateswater.com/

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Mansor BJJ

Red Belt Grand Master Francisco Mansor sharing how he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

Grand Master Francisco Mansor is one of the six men that was awarded a Black Belt from Grand Master Hélio Gracie without being a Gracie Family Member

This interview was shot in 2006 by Daniel Carettoni [YouTube]

It provides facts about how challenging and effective Helio Gracie’s method of Jiujitsu. I guess it’s his version of participating in a Gracie Challenge in those days.

Reasons Why? Part 2 – If I were the Devil

What has happened to our world, our society, living? Are we, humans, doomed from the very beginning? The holy book holds the historical factor of us constantly failing to do what we suppose to do on this earth. We disobey our heavenly father and continue to sin even though his only son sacrificed himself to save us. Yet, people continue to believe we are saved by his grace and are okay with sinning until judgment day comes. I’ll just leave it as that…