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Mansor BJJ

Red Belt Grand Master Francisco Mansor sharing how he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

Grand Master Francisco Mansor is one of the six men that was awarded a Black Belt from Grand Master Hélio Gracie without being a Gracie Family Member

This interview was shot in 2006 by Daniel Carettoni [YouTube]

It provides facts about how challenging and effective Helio Gracie’s method of Jiujitsu. I guess it’s his version of participating in a Gracie Challenge in those days.

Reasons Why? Part 2 – If I were the Devil

What has happened to our world, our society, living? Are we, humans, doomed from the very beginning? The holy book holds the historical factor of us constantly failing to do what we suppose to do on this earth. We disobey our heavenly father and continue to sin even though his only son sacrificed himself to save us. Yet, people continue to believe we are saved by his grace and are okay with sinning until judgment day comes. I’ll just leave it as that…

To Hell and Back

Well, it has been about two months since I last wrote on this blog. I was going through my own hiatus and fighting my demons. I’m not totally recovered but I’m trying to think positive and staying calm. Patience is a virtue and focusing on the present helps to relieve the anxiety and depression. Although those bad memories keep popping into my head from time-to-time; there will always be there and I can’t do anything about it besides to control those thoughts/memories. It’s hard battling my own mind, its like two people living in one body. I have to say if it wasn’t for my family, I would be gone from this earth. Either off-grid or to dust, but I’m glad I choose to raise my fists, tuck in my chin and fight back. Yes, I’m back. Let’s do this!



Have you ever used Countable before? If not, you should, it’s an easier way to understand laws of what Congress are considering to put into action. You can also contact your Representatives to influence their decision on voting in your favor. Also, you can suggest edits to a bill and follow up on how your elected official voted on the bill. Countable is on mobile in the App Store and Android.

Beat the Heat: No AC

  1. Utilize box fans, ceiling fans and open windows for air circulation during the evenings; during the day keep windows closed, binds shut and curtain closed.
  2. Soaking your feet in a bucketful of cool water can lower your body temperature. The same goes with a wet bandanna or towel placed on your head or shoulder. You can spray yourself with water using a spray bottle. If that does not satisfy you, hit the shower for a quick bath.
  3. Stay hydrated!
  4. Hot air rises so hangout downstairs.
  5. Indoor hammock (mesh) instead of laying in bed.
  6. On the go, stop by air-conditioned public buildings…like the library.
  7. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  8. Limit your protein intake.
  9. Don’t forget about your pets.
  10. Know the symptoms and preventing measures of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Keep cool and Be safe!

Storage Space

You may not have enough storage space for everything you plan to gather and keep, but you probably have more available space than you may think. Some food storage ideas:

  1. Flat rollout bins for under the bed storage works great. You can also use concrete center blocks to raise your bed.
  2. You utilize a bed room closet, just make sure to add a lock.
  3. The space under the staircases can be used and made into hidden storage rooms.
  4. Some coffee tables have storage spaces to keep contents hidden from view.
  5. You can add cabinets or shelves in the laundry room, however, the heat and moisture could be a problem. Test it out first.
  6. Use the attic but be cautious about the heat and cold temperatures.
  7. You can partition a storage area under the floors, if you have a large crawl space and able to build a secret door. Rodent proof your stash.
  8. Behind the wall; add cabinets or shallow shelves between the wall studs. Retrofit a removable panel that is backed by magnets to hold it in place. Make sure the panel materials matches the rest of the wall.
  9. Utilize all the space from floor to ceiling.
  10. Some furniture has built-in storage space; take advantage.
  11. Most important, declutter your home and storage area. Keep it clean and organized for easy access and increase capacity.

For canned food storage, use the rotating shelving system to extend shelf life. Check out (ready-made units) or build your own, instructions can be found at

*Keep it simple; you don’t have to make it fancy.