Warrior Part 1

The path to becoming a warrior is not an easy one, because at its core is discipline. A warrior is a master of spherical awareness, ever vigilant with their head on a swivel. They know their operational environment, can improve, adapt and overcome all adversities, and while they’re able to accept that they aren’t invincible, they never run from adversity; instead, they face it head-on. The warrior fights with their mind, body, and soul, and while they have emotions, they must master keeping them at bay to fight without letting them interfere with their clarity and lucidity. None of these things will come easily, so do not be discouraged. The only path to master anything, particularly the warrior arts, is via hard work and diligence. It is particularly difficult to master anything in the physical world until you conquer the demons in your head that foster such impediments as fear, anxiety, panic, and self-doubt. Once you can eliminate these counterproductive and debilitating thoughts, you can move forward in mastering the warrior mindset.


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