Preparedness Notes: Skills Assessment

Interested in survivalism? The first thing you should do is brutally be honest about your skills. Take a self-assessment on your survival skills. Ask your self these questions: What areas are you most skilled? What areas are you lacking and need improvements? If an emergency situation comes up, Are you bugging-out or bugging-in? Do you have survival gear and do you know how to use them? You cannot accumulate items and not know how to use them. It is best to know how to use your gear and often practice their uses to avoid panic and further mishaps. Here’s a list of skills you should acquire and practice:

  1. Food Processing – Learn to prepare survival foods.
  2. Bulk Food Storage – Learn to properly store and rotate food.
  3. Emergency Medical Care – Learn a sufficient medical training (CPR, First Aid, Herbal Medicine, and EMT.
  4. Gardening – Learn to grow food.
  5. Preserving Food – Learn food preservation skills (Can, Dry, Smoke, Cure, Pickle, Bury, Vaccum-Pack, etc.).
  6. Hunting – Learn to hunt for food.
  7. Trapping – Learn to trap for food. Save time for other things.
  8. Firearms Repair – Learn about gunsmithing.
  9. Self-Defense – Learn Hand-to-Hand Combat techniques
  10. Firearms Proficiency – Learn to properly use a firearm; marksmanship.
  11. Water Purification – Learn to find and purify water.
  12. Using Tools – Have the tools…learn how to use them properly (hand tools, survival gear).
  13. Livestock – Learn how to raise livestock (Large or small) for food, trade, resources.
  14. Power – Learn about alternative energies and how to build homemade electrical generators.
  15. Investing – Accumulate some barter skills/goods (ammo, pocket knives, a limited amount of silver and gold, liquor, etc.).

You should be honest about what you know and what the skills you lack. Start by learning those skills and practice every chance you get because when you find yourself in an SHTF situation, it’ll be too late.


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