Preparedness Notes: To-go Binder

Your To-go Binder should consist of information gathered from various sources both online and offline. I recommend a binder that will last long and withstand weather and rough handling conditions. Also, you might want or somehow waterproof your binder or use waterproof paper and ink. You can also use those clear plastic three-ring envelopes, whatever you think is best for you to work with. Always label the index tabs and organize your information for easy accessibility. What you put in your To-go Binder should be relevant information for you to use in all situations. For example, not limited to, but an emergency situation like evacuating because of a Hurricane. You would want important information in your To-go binder; important documents such as birth certificates, emergency contacts, insurance info, medical documents, etc. You can always expand your To-go Binder and add more information relating to survival. For example, instructions on how to purify water, identify edible plants, trapping skills, etc. I would recommend having a map of the area or an egress route to your bug-out location. But also keep in mind, this binder is full of information that you want to keep safe and protect. There are a lot of websites providing information about To-go, Survival, or Bug-out Binders. You can choose from many examples but make sure it’s practical for all situations.

If you are not sure what information to add to your To-go Binder or where to start, here’s a website that I use often, You can also find this link on the sidebar of my Blog.

For an idea, Here are my contents of my To-go Binder (always adding/reorganizing):

  1. Emergency Contacts
  2. Financial Information
  3. Copies of Vital Documents
  4. Medical Information
  5. Legal Documents
  6. Insurance
  7. Others – Emergency Plan, List of vital websites/passwords, Keys to vehicles, homes, storages, Evacuation Checklist, Maps, Photos, Cash, etc.

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