Storage Space

You may not have enough storage space for everything you plan to gather and keep, but you probably have more available space than you may think. Some food storage ideas:

  1. Flat rollout bins for under the bed storage works great. You can also use concrete center blocks to raise your bed.
  2. You utilize a bed room closet, just make sure to add a lock.
  3. The space under the staircases can be used and made into hidden storage rooms.
  4. Some coffee tables have storage spaces to keep contents hidden from view.
  5. You can add cabinets or shelves in the laundry room, however, the heat and moisture could be a problem. Test it out first.
  6. Use the attic but be cautious about the heat and cold temperatures.
  7. You can partition a storage area under the floors, if you have a large crawl space and able to build a secret door. Rodent proof your stash.
  8. Behind the wall; add cabinets or shallow shelves between the wall studs. Retrofit a removable panel that is backed by magnets to hold it in place. Make sure the panel materials matches the rest of the wall.
  9. Utilize all the space from floor to ceiling.
  10. Some furniture has built-in storage space; take advantage.
  11. Most important, declutter your home and storage area. Keep it clean and organized for easy access and increase capacity.

For canned food storage, use the rotating shelving system to extend shelf life. Check out (ready-made units) or build your own, instructions can be found at

*Keep it simple; you don’t have to make it fancy.


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