Understanding Whiskey

Know Your Bourbon Before Imbibing

  1. What is the definition of good whiskey?
  2. What is the right way to drink whiskey?
  3. What are the four ways to order whiskey?
  4. Why is whiskey sometimes spelled “whisky” and sometimes spelled “whiskey”?


Clarification on Post 911 GI Bill Housing Benefits


There has been some confusion over the past several days regarding the Post-9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance and what VA will or will not pay. Secretary Robert Wilke has clarified what VA will do in a statement released November 29, 2018.

The Secretary said that each and every Post-9/11 GI Bill beneficiary will be made 100 percent whole – retroactively if need be – for their housing benefits for this academic year based on Forever GI Bill rates, not on post-9/11 GI Bill rates. Once VA is in a position to process education claims in accordance with the Forever GI Bill – each and every beneficiary will receive retroactively the exact benefits to which they are entitled under that law.

Please see the statement from Secretary Wilkie: https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=5154

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please contact the Education Call Center at 888-442-4551 between 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday. Thank you for your continued patience and may this holiday season be full of joy and happiness to you and your family.

VBA Education Service

Life is Growth

I want to share this email with you.

Life is growth.

And yet, we shrink in the face of opportunities to grow.

Because growth is pain. We don’t like pain.

So when life presents us with an opportunity to grow, we often choose to stay where we are.

“I’m not ready.” Or whatever reason we give ourselves.

And it’s a plausible excuse. Plausible, because there’s always some truth in it.

How much CAN one person handle at once? You need recovery time. You need time to relax and enjoy as well.

And it’s easy to buy into your own rationalizing when there’s truth mixed in.

However, while growth IS pain, growth is ALSO joy. Deep satisfaction. Real pride.

Grow personally and your influence, impact and income grow too.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Edison

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

You go through your days with an Inner Knowing that you’re capable of more, specifically in area X.

And one day you have an opportunity to do something about X.

There’s a catch: Acting on that opportunity, well… it’s gonna hurt.

You don’t feel ready.

You don’t have the money. You don’t have the time. You don’t have the knowledge. You don’t have _____.

And so you wait. And the opportunity passes you by.

Well, notice what just happened: You chose the illusion of comfort over growth.

I say the illusion of comfort because this comfort comes with a perpetual nagging inner voice, always reminding you that you’re settling for less than you’re capable of being.

AND really, it’s worse than that.

If you don’t push yourself to what you think is your limit, you never find out what your limits really are.

David Goggins didn’t wait to run his first 100 mile 24 hour race until he was ready.

Neither should you or I.

The point isn’t that you or I should run 100 miles in 24 hours. The point is that you and I each have our own version of a 100 mile race.

And when the opportunity to run that race shows up, you won’t feel ready.

Here’s what you must remind yourself of at that time:

No one is ever ready for their next big opportunity.

HOWEVER, it is those who commit to run their next “race” even before they know how they’ll finish… They’re the ones who feel the pride, joy and deep satisfaction of living.

The rest?

They get daily angst. And ultimate regret.

So next time your opportunity shows up, and you don’t feel ready…

Take it.

Dov Gordon