Speaking about bacteria

I want to talk more about your gut biome (the good bacteria in your gut). Scientists are finding more and more about how gut bacteria impacts your health. Here is an interesting  article  about how the traditional American diet causes decreased biodiversity in your gut bacteria, which is not good. But this  website  has a ton of …

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Preparedness Notes: To-go Binder

Your To-go Binder should consist of information gathered from various sources both online and offline. I recommend a binder that will last long and withstand weather and rough handling conditions. Also, you might want or somehow waterproof your binder or use waterproof paper and ink. You can also use those clear plastic three-ring envelopes, whatever …

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Preparedness Notes: Skills Assessment

Interested in survivalism? The first thing you should do is brutally be honest about your skills. Take a self-assessment on your survival skills. Ask your self these questions: What areas are you most skilled? What areas are you lacking and need improvements? If an emergency situation comes up, Are you bugging-out or bugging-in? Do you …

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