Martial Arts or The Martial Way

“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them.” – Miyamoto Musashi

Martial arts have always been more about living than fighting. It teaches you self-discipline and control. It set standards and guiding principles to which one can live in harmony first and war second.  Martial arts literally means, the expression or the branches of military skills. You may notice that all Military Organizations has a set of rules and standards of which they live by, and discipline is highly encouraged in their ways. The martial arts is basically the art of war, or the art of combat, however, the martial way is much more acceptable. Again, living the martial way is more than just fighting.  It is a Way of Life. It focuses on living a life of harmony and compassion. The art of combat should be a last resort towards managing a conflict. For example, our government chooses to use diplomacy over the act of war.  Sometimes diplomacy does not work and therefore peace is obtained by war or combat, and should only be used if necessary. Be smart and chose the Martial Way over Martial Arts.