🍗 The One Most Important Thing to Remember This Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us again. How did this year fly by so quickly?

Tomorrow many of us in the U.S. will gather with loved ones to give thanks for all the blessings the universe has delivered unto us. Whether you’re grabbing one of many seats around a large family table, sitting down for a meaningful meal with a few close friends, or plan on spending the day by yourself, we would encourage you to set aside just a little bit of time to acknowledge and appreciate what – and who – you have in your lives.

This small act of self-reflection allows for a deeper appreciation of all the advantages and good fortune we enjoy in our daily lives. In recognizing the many blessings we share, we are also reminded that many people go without those same benefits we too often take for granted.

Thanksgiving is also a time for unity. Every morning we wake up and are confronted by an extremely divisive chapter in human history. But, despite what politicians and pundits may suggest, existence is not a competitive sport and life on Earth need not be played like a contentious zero-sum game. The human mind is capable of amazing things – let’s aim to use it to lift one another up as we search for abundance and meaning on this journey, rather than waste that tremendous gift engaging one another in battle.

Come tomorrow, you may find yourself seated across from someone with whom you disagree. We would challenge you, if only for just one short meal, to set aside your squabbles – however passionate about them you may be – and instead focus on what brings people together during the holiday season in the first place: our innate love for one another, our shared awe in the majesty of the human spirit, and the unassailable bond we all share as brothers and sisters. This Thanksgiving, let us be reminded of – and thankful for – the one truth of which we can always be certain: we are all children of the same universe.

In that spirit, we wish a most Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

In peace and love,

ULC & Rev. Jaime A.


A Soldier’s Prayer

Father YHWH,

The darkness has taken hold me and I can’t find my way back to the light. At this moment, ending it all seems like the best option, the only option, the only way to escape. Yet, there is something in me that wants your light to snuff out the darkness. So I ask, Lord, that you would do just that. You are the only light that can shine in the darkness.

I know when I’m consumed with thoughts of death I’m believing lies from the enemy. I ask Lord that you would remind me of these truths: when I feel alone, you are with me; when I feel invisible, you see me; when I feel worthless, my value is knowing you and being known by you.

Lord, help me to understand that you are enough because you are everything I need and more.

Remind me that when I feel hopeless, you have hope in me and for me. Remind me that when I don’t have the words to cry out to you, your son Yehshua is praying for me, and your Spirit intercedes for me with groanings too deep for words. Let this remind me that I am seen, heard and deeply loved.

I often feel out of place in this world. I don’t fit in and I’m not sure I want to. Remind me that this world is not my home and while, as your child, I will never fit in here, my time here isn’t over. Not yet. Please, give me the desire to live.

When I feel like I don’t matter, remind me that I was created with a purpose. When I don’t know or understand why I feel the way I feel – remind me that you know the depth of pain in my heart, in my body and in my being. You know me better than I know myself… and yet you still love me.

When I feel like my death would go unnoticed because my life seems to go by uncelebrated,

remind me that you celebrate me and that you hurt for me when I’m in this dark place.

Remind me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I am worth more than I know.

Remind me that this life is not mine to take.

Remind me that suicide is not the only option.

Remind me to love you and to love myself.

As I say these words I know in my heart that you love me and I feel incredible guilt for wanting to take the life you gave me. I feel embarrassed to admit these thoughts to you. I feel overwhelmed that you know these thoughts without my even saying them, and yet you still love me.

Remind me that Yeshua did not come to earth and die for me so that I could live a defeated life. Help me to desire life and to live fully in you.

In your precious name, Amen.

– B.A. Baus